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Why are SKF bearings so good and such a high quality bearing brand.

posted on 14 November 2023 in SKF BEARINGS

SKF bearings are renowned for their exceptional quality and superior performance, and there are several key factors that contribute to their high reputation in the industry:Precision Engineering: SKF ...more info >>>

What Aston Martins used the ZF S5/24 manual gearbox

posted on 13 November 2023 in ASTON MARTIN GEARBOXES

The ZF S5/24 manual gearbox was a notable transmission used in several classic Aston Martin models. This gearbox was known for its robustness and performance, and it was offered as an option in severa...more info >>>

What makes the Type 9 gearbox in the Ford Sierra or Granada or Caterham 7 jump out of reverse gear

posted on 7 November 2023 in FORD TYPE 9 GEARBOX

When the clutch in the Type 9 gearbox doesn't work properly, it can make the reverse gear jump out. Here's why it can:Poor clutch clearing. Imagine the clutch as the middleman between the engine and t...more info >>>

Why GL5 oils shouldn't be used in a Type 9 Ford gearbox with brass/bronze synchro rings

posted on 5 November 2023 in FORD TYPE 9 GEARBOX

Using GL-5 gear oil in a Ford Type 9 gearbox with brass or bronze synchro rings can be problematic due to the additives in GL-5 oils. The primary concern is the presence of extreme-pressure (EP) addit...more info >>>

What noise symptoms happen to the 5 speed Ford Type 9 gearbox if the front input shaft main bearing fails and what gears would be affected most

posted on 5 November 2023 in FORD TYPE 9 GEARBOX

When the front input shaft main front bearing in a 5-speed Ford Type 9 gearbox fails, it can produce lots of noise symptoms, and specific gears can be affected.Here are the common noise symptoms and t...more info >>>

What does a synchro or baulk ring do in a manual Ford gearbox ?

posted on 1 January 2023 in Gearbox parts and what they do.

A synchromesh ring, also called a synchronizer, synchro or baulk ring, is a component in a Ford manual transmission that helps the gears to engage smoothly when shifting. It is normally a small, flat ...more info >>>

Information about the Ford Capri mk1 mk2 mk3

posted on 31 December 2022 in FORD CAPRI

The Ford Capri was a popular mid-size coupe that was produced by Ford Europe from 1969 to 1986. It was designed to appeal to a younger, sportier market, and it quickly became a hit with car enthusiast...more info >>>

Why do BMW xdrive front differentials make a noise ?

posted on 31 December 2022 in BMW Differential and axle noise

There are several potential reasons why a BMW xDrive front differential might make a noise.Some common causes of diff noise include:Wear and tear: As a mechanical component, the front differential on ...more info >>>

What ratios does the Ford Fiesta ST150 ib5 gearbox have ?

posted on 31 December 2022 in FORD FIESTA ST150 iB5 GEARBOX INFO

The Ford Fiesta ST150 is a high-performance version of the Ford Fiesta that was equipped with a modified version of the Ford IB5 transmission.The gear ratios for the Ford Fiesta ST150 IB5 transmission...more info >>>

BMW M3 E90 Differential repair warnings & problems

posted on 1 February 2018 in BMW Differential and axle noise

The BMW M3 rear diff for all cars built from about 2005 of the E9* type uses ball roller bearings on the pinion and taper roller on the differential. Correct BMW pinion bearing preload is critical fro...more info >>>

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