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What does a synchro or baulk ring do in a manual Ford gearbox ?

posted on 1 January 2023 | posted in Gearbox parts and what they do.

A synchromesh ring, also called a synchronizer, synchro or baulk ring, is a component in a Ford manual transmission that helps the gears to engage smoothly when shifting. It is normally a small, flat ring with teeth on one side that mesh with the teeth on the gears.

When you change gears in a manual gearbox, the gears must be spinning at the same speed in order for them to mesh properly and engage smoothly. If the gears are not spinning at the same speed, it can cause grinding or difficulty shifting. The synchro ring helps to synchronize the speed of the gears so that they can engage smoothly.

A Ford synchro ring is typically located between the gears and is mounted on a synchroniser sleeve or hub. When you shift gears, the synchronizer sleeve or hub rotates to align the synchro ring with the gear you want to engage. This helps to bring the gear and the synchro ring up to the same speed, allowing the gears to mesh smoothly.

Synchro rings are essential for smooth and efficient gear changes in a manual transmission. Without them, the gears would have difficulty engaging, resulting in poor performance and potentially damaging the transmission. If the synchro rings are worn out or damaged, it can cause problems with shifting and may require replacement.

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