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What Aston Martins used the ZF S5/24 manual gearbox

posted on 13 November 2023 | posted in ASTON MARTIN GEARBOXES

The ZF S5/24 manual gearbox was a notable transmission used in several classic Aston Martin models. This gearbox was known for its robustness and performance, and it was offered as an option in several iconic Aston Martin cars.

Some of the Aston Martin models that were equipped with the ZF S5/24 gearbox include:

Aston Martin DB5: The DB5, famously associated with James Bond, was produced from 1963 to 1965. It offered the ZF S5/24 manual transmission as an option, providing enthusiasts with a more engaging driving experience.

Aston Martin DB6: The DB6 was the successor to the DB5 and was manufactured from 1965 to 1971. Like its predecessor, it could be equipped with the ZF S5/24 gearbox, further enhancing its driving dynamics.

The ZF S5/24 gearbox was a popular choice among Aston Martin enthusiasts who appreciated its performance characteristics.

It's important to note that the earlier Aston Martin DB4 did not come with the ZF S5/24 gearbox as an original option. Instead, the DB4 initially featured a 4-speed manual gearbox as standard. Later versions of the DB4, such as the DB4 GT and the DB4 GT Zagato, did have variations of 4-speed or 5-speed gearboxes, but not the ZF S5/24.


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