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What makes the Type 9 gearbox in the Ford Sierra or Granada or Caterham 7 jump out of reverse gear

posted on 7 November 2023 | posted in FORD TYPE 9 GEARBOX

When the clutch in the Type 9 gearbox doesn't work properly, it can make the reverse gear jump out.

Here's why it can:

Poor clutch clearing.

Imagine the clutch as the middleman between the engine and the gearbox. Its job is to disconnect the engine's power when you press the clutch pedal. If it doesn't do this completely, some power still goes to the T9 gearbox, even when you're trying to put the car in reverse. This leftover power can make it tough for the reverse gear to stay where it should, causing it to "jump"out of reverse gear.

Think of gear clash like gears grinding against each other instead of fitting smoothly. If the Ford clutch is old and slipping, it can cause this gear clash when you're trying to put the car in reverse. This grinding puts extra stress on the reverse gear, making it more likely to jump out of gear.

The previous examples will cause Worn or Damaged Gear Teeth.

The Type 9 gearbox reverse gear itself has teeth that need to lock in place with two other gears. If these teeth are worn out or damaged, they can't grip properly. This means the gear can't stay in place, causing it to jump out.
So, in simple terms, a worn or poor quality clutch can mess up how the reverse gear works, making it jump out of gear. Fixing the clutch and checking for any damaged gears can help solve this problem.

If you need parts to repair your reverse gear, you can find them here and here


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