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What noise symptoms happen to the 5 speed Ford Type 9 gearbox if the front input shaft main bearing fails and what gears would be affected most

posted on 5 November 2023 | posted in FORD TYPE 9 GEARBOX

When the front input shaft main front bearing in a 5-speed Ford Type 9 gearbox fails, it can produce lots of noise symptoms, and specific gears can be affected.

Here are the common noise symptoms and the gears that are typically affected:

  1. Whining Noise: A failing Sierra T9 input shaft main bearing often produces a high-pitched whining or howling noise. This noise is most commonly heard in gears that directly engage the input shaft, which typically include 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears.
  2. Rumbling Noise: As the bearing deteriorates further, it can result in a low-pitched rumbling or growling noise. This noise might be more pronounced when the transmission is under load or when you're in gear. Again, this noise is typically associated with the engagement of 1st through 3rd gears.
  3. Crunching gears: A worn front bearing can lead to gear crunching noises when changing gears. This noise is often more noticeable in gears that involve the input shaft and the 3rd/4th synchro hub assembly, which are usually 3rd, and 4th gears, as the mainshaft can tip out of horizontal position. It may also be heard during gear changes or when the clutch is engaged and disengaged.
  4. Other Gears: While 1st to 3rd gears are typically the most affected due to their direct connection to the input shaft, the symptoms of a failing input shaft main bearing can sometimes extend to 4th and 5th gear as well, especially if the bearing's damage is significant.

It's essential to fix any unusual noises promptly, as continued driving with a failing front input shaft main bearing can lead to further damage, including damage to the Type 9 input shaft and other parts.

It can lead to a very expensive repair job.


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