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Customer Name Delivery Speed Quality Value Overall Rating Date
Chris, Passfield1099102 July  2023
very quick process of ordering, payment dispatch and delivery. Not fitted the parts yet but I purchased this brand of bearing because of it's superior quality
George, Banff99992 July  2023
Charlie, York998927 June  2023
Robert, Newcastle upon Tyne10991021 June  2023
Igor, Preston101081015 June  2023
Scott, Motherwell1010101019 May  2023
Thank you for your quick service and delivery. I have now bought another kit which arrived very quick with everything I need. Thanks again. Scott
joanne, Armagh1010101014 February  2023
Easy to order, fantastic service.
Greg, Inverness1010101012 February  2023
Excellent quality products, speedy delivery and at a great price. Very pleased all round
alan, Immingham99996 February  2023
Patricia, Caterham10109930 January  2023
Max, Northwich109101027 January  2023
John, Dundee887827 January  2023
Bruno, Thun101071018 January  2023
Steve, Bexley998913 January  2023
Alan, Mitcheldean998921 November  2022
Julian, Braunton98574 November  2022
VIVIAN, Cheltenham991091 November  2022
Melvin, SPALDING99799 October  2022
Colin, Winslow88685 October  2022
Barry, Ascot1010896 September  2022
Philip, Ilfracombe,9991027 August  2022
Glen, Newbury101091018 August  2022
Ryan, Winchburgh1010101017 August  2022
Roger, Aylesbury9991016 August  2022
Deborah, Ingatestone10910109 August  2022
James, Banbury99898 August  2022
Daniel, Pentraeth10910103 August  2022
Paul, Sunderland88892 August  2022
Michael, Donaghadee999914 July  2022
Elaine, Cambridge998813 July  2022
Steven, Lymington1010101010 July  2022
Alex, South Cave101010103 July  2022
simon, letchworth8881028 June  2022
Garry, Hitchin767821 June  2022
Ian, Gloucester999913 June  2022
Anthony, Exeter1010101011 June  2022
phil, Oxford99999 June  2022
Richard, Ringwood1074107 June  2022
David, Lancashire109101031 May  2022
andrew, salisbury999931 May  2022
Richard, Tamworth887930 May  2022
Malcolm, BORDON987829 May  2022
Ian, Heywood888925 May  2022
Ian, Wantage998921 May  2022
Ian, Heyshott, Midhurst999920 May  2022
Ryan, Tiverton1098920 May  2022
R, ST. HELIER1010101020 May  2022
darryl, Weston super Mare787718 May  2022
Mr AC, Lymington101010109 May  2022
Ann, Shrewsbury887822 April  2022
Martin, Hatfield777717 April  2022
peter, Great Sutton101081011 April  2022
Unfortunately the wrong part was ordered, however a full refund is on its way, and the correct parts are to be ordered. I rang and spoke to the guy, very helpful and knowledgeable, thank you Pete Hunter
John R, Camillo77577 April  2022
karen, Pease Pottage10109106 April  2022
RUSSELL, KILGETTY997916 March  2022
Mark, Ellesmere port1010101013 March  2022
Harris, london888826 February  2022
Martin, Worcester1010101021 February  2022
Robert, Bedford785717 February  2022
Robert, Northwich998914 February  2022
mark, Gloucester1010101011 February  2022
Jason, Lowestoft109998 February  2022
Nigel, Thornton Cleveleys101010108 February  2022
Barry Martin, bushey101010106 February  2022
robert, merthyr tydfil797105 February  2022
Alex, Baal897831 January  2022
Ben, Woodley999925 January  2022
Paul, Newton Abbot9971024 January  2022
Chris, Thatcham987924 January  2022
Stephen, Guernsey9910922 January  2022
Mark, Newtownhamilton887919 January  2022
dominique, Preston, Lancashire,101071017 January  2022
keith, Rochdale999915 January  2022
rhuaridh, Inverness99894 January  2022
Trevor, Stoke-on-Trent997911 November  2021
Neil, Witham10108109 November  2021
Aleric, Bellville77785 November  2021
jason, Llandrindod wells1099103 November  2021
Robert, st helens998931 October  2021
John, Finchley1010101025 October  2021
DAVE, EXETER101091025 October  2021
Charles, Halstead999919 October  2021
Terry, Southampton1010101012 October  2021
Raymond, Hassocks999911 October  2021
karl, Devon101010107 October  2021
Mark, Stourbridge88881 October  2021
, Ashford777728 September  2021
ralph, Newtownabbey1099925 September  2021
, Preston99999 September  2021
john, Leyburn10107107 September  2021
Patrick, Penzance88894 September  2021
Lee, Pulborough91010102 September  2021
Michael, Great Yarmouth1099102 September  2021
David, Falkirk1010101017 August  2021
Colin, Bedford998911 August  2021
Graham, Croydon99897 August  2021
dave, STOURPORT-ON-SEVERN10109103 August  2021
TERRY, Bridgwater997931 July  2021
Ian, Brackley999928 July  2021
Richard, Newton Abbot777927 July  2021
Very knowledgeable contact, very helpful, had in stock just what I needed. Hard to ask for more. Would use again.

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