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What ratios does the Ford Fiesta ST150 ib5 gearbox have ?

posted on 31 December 2022 | posted in FORD FIESTA ST150 iB5 GEARBOX INFO

The Ford Fiesta ST150 is a high-performance version of the Ford Fiesta that was equipped with a modified version of the Ford IB5 transmission.

The gear ratios for the Ford Fiesta ST150 IB5 transmission are as follows:

1st gear: 3.25
2nd gear: 1.98

3rd gear: 1.33

4th gear: 1.00

5th gear: 0.81

These ratios are slightly different from the standard Ford IB5 transmission, as the ST150 version was designed to provide improved acceleration and performance. The closer gear ratios in the ST150 transmission allow for quicker acceleration and better torque at low speeds, which is useful for sporty driving.

The ratios listed above are for the Ford Fiesta ST150 with the IB5 gearbox, and may not be the same for other models or transmission options.

Ratios shown above are the gear ratios, overall ratio can vary depending on final drive gears used.


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