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SKF Ford English axle wheel bearing kit for Escort Capri Cortina RS2000 Lotus Kitcars etc

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Ford English rear axle wheel bearing kit by SKF

This wheel bearing kit will fit Ford English "Timken pull out" type halfshaft fitted to Mk2 Cortina, Escort Mk1, Escort Mk2, Capri 1600, Lotus 7, Kitcars etc.

Each kit contains:

1 x SKF 62mm OD bearing
1 x retaining collar.

So two kits are required per axle

Every week i receive calls from customers who have fitted the cheap far eastern version of this English axle wheel bearing kit saying their seal by the halfshaft and brakes is leaking and what should they do.

We first experienced this type of bearing (often with a rubber O ring on the outer diameter) in 2006 when we sold a few and had them returned for faulty seal issues.

I stopped selling them immediately.

Unfortunately this high quality SKF version of the Ford English axle wheel bearing is quite expensive compared to the cheap china version sold by many other suppliers, However this SKF wheel bearings value soon appears due to it's extended life and tiny failure rate, in 10 years we have had only one returned under warranty and this had been on a race car.

Sometimes the old saying "you get what you pay for" does still apply, whilst not all cheap products are poor quality some unfortunately are, and when you add up the cost of time and labour to replace the cheap type if they fail it may be wise to get the higher quality part in the first place.

If you have any questions about this SKF wheel bearing kit or just want a bit of advice please feel free to call me on (UK) 012 7979 3631 and ask for Mark.

SKF Ford capri wheel bearing kit



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