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"How to Rebuild Your Ford Escort, Cortina & Lotus Differential back to noise free condition for a fraction of the cost of a reconditioned exchange unit" Instructions included for the novice rebuilder! 21st October 2006. Hi, Is your FordLOTUS axle noisy ? Maybe it's groaning and whining away at the rear or just leaking oil ? Many of these rear differentials are now nearly 40 years old, amazing I know but it's a fact. The last ones came off the production line around 1981.……. 25 years ago ! However the axles are still going strong and are still in high demand, praise indeed for the longevity of theLOTUS axle and Fords engineering excellence. But as they get older…….like all of us, they need looking after. Here at we have compiled a kit of parts to help anyone like yourself, with reasonable mechanical ability and commonsense, to rebuild and service the FordLOTUS axle/differential. "We decided toinclude only the highest quality parts available in your kit." Like in many industries, there are a flood of cheap, poor quality, far eastern imported bearings available in the motor trade BUT we decided NOT to offer them for sale as many are poor quality and have WIDE MACHINING VARIATIONS. This to any rebuilder is a nightmare, as any settings the diff had ( that can 99% of the time stay the same) are lost when bearings with poor sizing are used. "We will only use high quality PROVEN BRAND bearings in all your kits" This is for only two reasons…….SAFETY & SPEED ! SAFETY needs no explanation, some cheap bearings are made from very poor quality metal, they fail early and can be dangerous…….especially at speed. SPEED is best explained as speed of the rebuild job. High quality bearings are made to very exact tolerances and only vary a tiny amount from their "BLUEPRINT" measurements.This means quite simply that when the diff unit is rebuilt, as long as no main casing components have been changed, the settings on the diff before strippingoften remain the same after rebuild………. Hence the rebuild job is a lot faster.We only use branded bearings like TIMKEN, SKF, NTN, KOYO and a few others less well known but ALL are used by major car makers as original equipment. Luckily though, high quality bearings are not always very expensive and you can obtain this kit to rebuild your Ford English Diff for only £49.97 ! Here's what you will get in your English Diff rebuild kit when it arrives: 2 x High Quality main pinion bearings (normally TIMKEN) 2 x High Quality differential carrier bearings (normally Timken) 1 x Pinion Oil Seal. This sits behind the pinion flange and stops the oil leaking past ( onto your driveway !)1 x Crush Spacer1 x Diff fitting gasket. This fits between the diff unit and main axle case, again to stop the oil dripping out. Instructions, these are basic diff rebuild instructions but contain all the important information about how to set your diff up, backlash and tooth contact pattern information ( Remember, most of the time the diff will go back together ok as it was & if you get stuck you can always call) We do not include the crush spacer with the kit but it is available for only £14.99. Many of our clients do not use the crush spacer as they use a solid spacer that has been machined specially for motor sport use. "The English Diff kits may not be able to be sold at this low price for long" Why? Please read on…… Many of the bearings we supply have had HUGE price increases in the last 12 months, mainly due to the world steel prices rising to all time highs. The differential bearing in our Atlas axle kit has increased 60% in the last few months alone. OurLOTUS Diff rebuild kits cannot not stay at these low prices for long, it may be a good investment to obtain one now (even if it just goes into your parts store for a few months) and your kit will never deteriorate if you store the parts in a warm dry place. OK, so if you have decided you want to rebuild yourLOTUS Diff, the next step is………… How do you order ? The easiest way is by phone on (UK) 01279 793 631 and ask for Mark, you can use your credit or debit card and we will send your kit straight away. We never store your card details once we have used them. OR You can order yourLOTUS diff rebuild kit through this website, the site will only work out UK delivery and will direct you to PayPal for payment where you can use your cards like normal, again, we do not store your financial info. Also You can send a good old fashioned cheque or cash in the post, no need to use the site for this method, just call on 01279 793 631 and we will confirm our details and your order with you. Not in the UK ? If you would like to order and you are not in the UK please send us an email with your needs and we will work out the BEST shipping deal we can find for YOU. We normally use UPS as they are the best, but they are not always the cheapest to all destinations. Remember, the kits may cost more soon, but we will always offer you excellent value for money with fast delivery and FREE advice. Yours Sincerely Mark Tel: (UK) 0127 9793 631 PS.... If you just have a leaky diff you may just be able to change the diff pinion oil seal and case gasket, both of these are available in theLOTUS diff section of this website.



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