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BMW 3 Series 6 cylinder E30 E32 medium case rear 188 rear diff rebuild kit

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Restoring BMW E30 Chassis Type 188 Differential: The Comprehensive Repair Kit

Is your BMW E30 chassis, equipped with the 188 differential, producing undesirable noises from the rear diff?

Eliminate these auditory nuisances and rejuvenate your BMW's differential system with the BMW 188 Differential Repair Kit. This meticulously designed kit offers a precise solution for addressing differential noise problems, ensuring optimal performance.

Kit Contents:

  • Pinion Head Bearing: This precision-engineered bearing facilitates smooth and low-friction rotation of the pinion head, significantly reducing operational noise.
  • Pinion Tail Bearing:
  • The pinion tail bearing complements the pinion head bearing, enhancing the overall stability of the pinion assembly and minimising wear-induced noise.
  • Pinion Bearing Preload Crush Spacer:
  • The inclusion of the preload crush spacer is pivotal in achieving accurate bearing preload, thereby optimising the performance and lifespan of the assembly.
  • Pinion Oil Seal:
  • A vital component for maintaining differential lubricant containment, the pinion oil seal effectively prevents leaks and safeguards the integrity of the differential system.
  • Differential Carrier Side Bearings (x2):
  • These precision-engineered bearings provide essential support to the differential carrier, ensuring smooth and noise-free differential operation.
  • Differential Side Driveshaft Oil Seals (x2):
  • These specialised seals are tasked with sealing the differential and protecting the driveshaft, preventing lubricant leakage and maintaining optimal performance.
  • Differential "O" Rings (x2):
  • These meticulously engineered "O" rings serve as essential sealing components, preserving the integrity of the differential housing and its internal components

  • DIY Accessibility: This comprehensive kit, accompanied by detailed instructions, empowers both enthusiasts and professionals to undertake this repair project with precision.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Save substantial expenses by bypassing professional repair services and restore your BMW's performance in your own garage.
  • Noise Abatement: Effectively silence the unwanted noises originating from your BMW's differential system, enhancing your driving experience.
  • Rejuvenated Performance: Rediscover the original driving dynamics of your BMW by addressing noise issues and restoring the full potential of your differential system.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Rest assured that the bearings included in this kit are sourced from reputable and established brands, guaranteeing exceptional performance and long-term durability. We prioritise quality over all else, and there are no subpar Chinese alternatives in our kit.

Why Opt for Our Kit?

Don't allow differential noise to diminish your BMW's driving experience. Invest in the BMW 188 Differential Repair Kit now, and reclaim the joy of driving your classic BMW E30 with the 188 differential. Place your order today and experience the transformative impact on your BMW's performance. Your BMW deserves nothing but the finest, and so do you.





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