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BMW 1 Series rear differential noise and whine

posted on 21 November 2013 | posted in BMW Differential and axle noise

A very common fault with the BMW 1 series rear axles is diff whine.

bmw 1 series diff groaning noise

The 1 series BMW diff bearings can become noisy from a very low mileage and if the problem is not fixed can result in total differential failure.

Symptoms normally show up as a noise that can be "played" on the throttle pedal, on and off acceleration.

ie, noisy when accelerating and quieter when you take your foot off the gas. ( or vice versa )

The worn bearing issues affect all BMW 1 series E87, E81, E82 & E88 versions.

The most common parts to fail are the pair of pinion bearings that can be seen here

You can also rebuild the diff using a complete bearing repair kit shown below

bmw 1 series diff differential

Below are a few YouTube videos to show how common noisy BMW differential problems are.

This 1 series diff noise can be repaired using the kit shown below


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